Art Prize

Art Prize

About The Artist

Grand Rapids native, Katie (DeVries) Edwards, found her passion only a few short years ago, working with wood and building wall art. She finds the beauty in the broken and used, choosing each and every reclaimed board specifically for its character, texture, and tone.  Each art piece is carefully created from hand selected boards, lovingly ripped and cut to accentuate their natural perfect imperfections.


Katie’s wall art has traveled all throughout Michigan and surrounding states, showcasing her work at festivals, art and craft shows, and home & garden expos and she has sold to over 30 shops in Michigan. 


During the pandemic, when mass gatherings were shut down, Katie opened her own front lawn to provide a safe space to hundreds of fellow artists and makers… to share their wares with the community to support their businesses. She opened a cozy boutique in Newaygo, Katie & Company, which offers handmade products by over 70 other Michigan artisans.  Sadly, due to the economic crisis, the shop in Newaygo was forced to close its doors, now available online, until the opportunity and hopes of a better economy and space closer to her new home presents itself. 


A mother of four, Katie recently enjoyed the opportunity of hands-on experience renovating her family’s ‘new’ 1800’s farmhouse, is looking forward to enjoying gardening again, staging and decorating customers’ homes, and finding a healthy work/life balance for herself and her family.  Katie’s passion remains in woodworking and art, but has expanded that throughout the last two years. Through her own struggles and experiences, Katie is focused on supporting non profits that help domestic abuse victims become survivors, mentoring other makers and small business owners, and building community.