About The Artist

Katie set out to inspire and empower women by following her passion creating art, and to provide for her family.


What started as a hobby and side hustle of a stay at home mom of 4, quickly became a full time career while going through a divorce.  Being told she needed to find a “real job”, Katie’s fuel burned to prove everyone wrong by giving it her all, devoting drive and ambition into her passion.  


In 2019, her first full year of business, Katie traveled and showcased her work at over 40 shows throughout Michigan and our surrounding states.  She quickly grew into wholesale, selling to over 30 shops in Michigan.  


In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, she feared she’d have to put her dreams aside, as all mass gatherings were cancelled.  Katie decided to focus on supporting fellow small businesses and women entrepreneurs, by coordinating her own pop-up vendor shows on her property. As the shows grew exponentially over five months, building community and morale, Katie realized her passion was also fueled when she began mentoring and supporting others. Katie’s artwork demands and the need to provide space to continue uplifting other makers and artists throughout the changing Michigan seasons resulted in a collaborative vision to create an actual brick & mortar boutique.  Katie & Company was born! Katie fell in love with the charming town of Newaygo, Michigan and found a downtown storefront where she could sell her artwork, and continue supporting other talented Michigan artisans.  The cozy boutique gave her the opportunity get more involved, be part of the Chamber of Commerce, connecting with other small businesses and advocating for the community.


Katie & Company has had nearly 2 full years in a brick and mortar.  But with the economic crisis and Katie’s life changes, the shop has pivoted to online sales until further notice.  She will be focusing on her family and home while waiting patiently for the opportunity to open Katie&Co once again.  When the time comes, the shop will be closer to her new abode near Saugatuck, Michigan. Meet Katie’s chosen vendors, who follow her vision, being inspired by nature, passion and of course, made in Michigan!